Friday, January 08, 2010

Not SO Easy

As I sat stunned browsing through the email histories, I sort of knew that it was impossible that I stay out of the thread. It was a moment of enlightenment, that no matter how well you seem to focus on getting things done, slips still occur once in a while - and when that happens - it is hard to avoid complications.

Never felt that it was anything beyond my league, nor did I feel it had something to do with me, but just knew I had to take some action, and do something. Feeling queasy, even a bit disappointed by efficacy of people, but still, life is always full of hiccups anyway.

Writing in circles is not fun at all, but I believe in being lyrical. It's best if I master the power of coding, then nobody will understand me except those who really do.

teh mnid can raed wahetevr it wnast to...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Mobile blogging

What better than blogging from a phone? No more scrambling for receipts to write down random thoughts or using the measly notes space on ur candybar phone for that sudden moment of inspiration. In fact you can upload your photos on the go too... Indeed, smartphones have revolutionilized the way we use technology and the way social netoworking is creeping it's way onto every one of our daily lives!

Isn't he adorable? :p

- Posted from my iPhone

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I failed my IPPT! And the worst thing is, it's not SBJ I failed, but shuttle run.

GOD! I do not believe I have heard of anyone failing only Shuttle Run. And I am so doomed, I got only a few more days to pass this before my window closes. Definitely reserving Saturday to clear it, but need another session before this to try in case I cannot do it on Saturday! Hoping I can leave earlier from work on Tuesday to attempt IPPT at Safra Jurong.

I actually lost 100 bucks cos of this! Damn... And I ran four times, all at 10.8 seconds, and the passing is 10.7... It's super annoying. Why why why? I must so pass it this time round, or I would have to do RT for like 3 times a week. God! RT? I have never done RT since NS. When has my fitness deteriorated so much?

It must be the food that I have been walloping down my gutter. I have been eating like a famished pig banished to the countryside, away from its pen. Dammit! I better stop before I reminisce and relive the life of fattibombomness that I used to lead back then.

Somebody, put a stop to my binging! :(

Let's pray I pass my shuttle run this time at the partial IPPT retest. I so need to clear it man! *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's pretty scary

The extent of mistrust and political play in any place chills me. I guess I am not that cut out to climb the corporate ladder.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Random Random

As I sit in the cold and quiet "hot seat" well hidden from flying daggers and piercing arrows, I heave a sigh of relief. Somehow, this strategic move didn't prove to be that detrimental after all - at least I get two huge tables to myself, with all of my stuffs strewn across like a buffet spread. Lovely, somehow I feel that there is no need to pack and file anymore.

My life has been bland since the last update: the usual things, the usual hanging out, the usual friends, the usual suspect. Then again, it's rare for me to not be usual. I am pretty much a conformist except when it comes to Interactive Digital Media which we are trying so much to promote. New media they call it, same old brand new media I call it. Just the same old traditional pressroom magnified onto a digital screen, for what they call instant feedback (but yet somehow regulated by moral obligations and a duty for self censorship).

I think there's something about an educator who put up scandalous links on his FB account and stupidly broadcast them to all his students, which in the first place, should not be on his FB account. What is this? Public Broadcast Service? Hahaha! Sometimes I get too cynical about the work I do (I just made fun a second time about my job scope, for discerning readers). Anyway, back to the teacher. And so he got a warning, and resigned and decided not to be involved in teaching anymore. OK, it was technically his fault, but I thought the only fault was his indiscretion of not seperating work from his personal life. Two thumbs down! Other than that, he is entitled to cyber-lust and he didn't need to apply Cyber Wellness rules to himself. (Ok, that's a third time, this blog post is SO NOT going out)

Teacher aside, what's that about Ris Low taking english lessons at NUS under the sponsorship of NLB? That's a huge boo-boo. Apparently NLB has disassociated all links with her, and enlightened the public on how it's just wishful thinking on her own part to be Singapore's Next Top (English) Role Model. Somehow, that girl needs to drill it into her brain that too much exposure isn't that good, or I'm afraid she will go down the roads of self-ruins and never see the light of day again. And yes, the KNNBCCB on The Shan and Ross show is still a huge faux pas. God Save me!

I just heard a damn "duh" joke on her today:

Q: Where does Ris Low stay?
A: Pasir Ris Lo!

Ok that was damn random and abrupt. But she got people talking about her in their random smoke breaks and lunch hours. She has effectively reduced work productivity because people BITCH about her in GROUPS during their FREQUENT slacking breaks.

Alright, back to hugging my Green Starhub pillow and looking at my Lotus Notes.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bali Pics

Finally had time to create collages of the highlights in Bali: One for the random pictures, and one for the food. :)

Aircon No Need Money, But I Need!

Seriously, somebody should do something about the air-conditioning in KBOX @ Safra Jurong. It's so strong that even though we are armed with super-thick jackets, we all ended leaving the place with a leaky nose.

It's leaking now as I type, even after a warm shower, a hot coffee and two tabs of Panadol Flu Extra. :( God, did we just pay a hundred bucks and spent a beautiful saturday night to make ourselves sick? This is so uncalled for.

Anyway, the K session was typical, and we ended up singing the same old songs again - The Jay Chou, Stefanie Sun, Gary Tsao, Jolin Tsai medleys. Of course, there was no avoiding ending off with silly songs from Spice Girls and Lady Gaga.

To be very honest, it was my first look at the Paparazzi Music Vid and I thought it was awesome. A little bimbotic, but packed with lovely glitter and vivid colours which are amazingly pleasing to my visual palate.

Oh well, at least it was a fun and relaxing session with B & S, and somehow, I was too bored the entire day to mind.

Speaking of which, my austerity drive has been pretty successful so far. Managed to keep within a 50 for this week's activities. One more week to go before my pay check comes in - not incredulously fat, but sustainable. Not to mention I have tonnes of bills to pay off. My debtors are fortunately, either friends, telcos or CC companies, and I don't reckon I will have splashed paint and choppers over me soon! :)

Speaking of choppers, I was watching the Jamie Oliver show on Discovery Channel today, and he was trying to start a campaign to get people to cook in an over-industrialized "fast-food" town. Though it was over-dramatized in certain areas, I thought the concept was cool. The "Pass-it-on" where he taught a batch of people to cook and in turn, they taught another batch and passed it on in a viral effect. That's how cool! I wish someone start something like that in Singapore, maybe get Martin Yan or something, even though he can cook but can't really speak well. :p

I wish to start something big - sort of a revolution. But who am I to say, when I can't even get a proper job yet? This is starting to get a little disheartening, and things at work seems to be going downhill by the day in my current temp job. Not cast in stone, but my intuition says I won't last.

And the last thing I want is for people to assume that I just can't work. Because I have been having a bad spate of luck since I graduated, and most of it, frankly, it is not my fault. But ahh, not going to go into that again. I will just keep trying and trying until I find the perfect job then. But to be frank, I will sure miss alot of the colleagues should I not be confirmed. :(

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WHOEVER said CHINKEE is a funny name? I'm how famous!

FERDINAND "CHINKEE" TAN is lifestyle trainer, renowned speaker, former TV/movie personality, and best-selling author.

He is the author of the best-seller "Till Debt Do Us Part: Practical Steps to Financial Freedom," a guide to handling money responsibly, and the recently launched follow-up book "For Richer or For Poorer."

Chinkee is one of the hottest motivational speakers in the country today. His talks range from financial literacy, sales,and entrepreneurship to effective communication, and leadership, and success.

He draws his lessons from his personal experiences as an entrepreneur. He has spoken before retirees, executives, private as well as government employees, students, church leaders, and even out-of-school youth.

Chinkee has helped and coached over 50 people to become millionaires in their business. His other past accomplishments include being a top sales performer for various financial services and direct selling companies and CEO of Vision Unlimited.

~ From

Boomz Shingz

There is a massive amount of things I wish to upload, but I have never gotten down to doing so. Realized I'm getting a bit lazy when it comes to blogging. Not good. Especially when I want to be a professional blogger, LOL! :p

Anyway, the new clip on the Featured Clip section is so boomz and shingz. You cannot miss this! As much as I think Ris Low is a pain in the arse, I am really very amazed at her strength and how she can self deprecate herself to this extent to prevent herself from being attacked further. So Boomz!

And I have to talk about this uncle who left gym in a long sleeved striped shirt and FBT shorts! If that is not bad enough, he was wearing a pair of dirty grey crocs and carrying a Tote bag that looked almost as bad as my mummie's recyclable Cold Storage Environmental Friendly Reusable bag. God! Boy was he confident and sashaying his way out into the food court! Aiyoh. Sibeh Jialat ah! Shingz Shingz Shingz.

Another major Shingz is the uncle who seems like a foreign worker who pee-d into the flower bed that the MP personally grew to beautify our Nanyang Town Estate! (Ok he didn't really grow those shrubs, but the grassroot leaders endorsed the movement). But in any case, super Shingz!! How can like that? So bad lar. Slap slap!

I have so many more boomz and shingz to share, but it just slipped my mind somehow. And I'm tired. So I'm stopping here. :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Moonie Fest

It's the time of the year again, where we all feast on delectable moonies and grow really round!

For me, Mid Autumn Festival is always a time of loads of fun and reunion.

I remember the days when I was a kid, and my sisters and I would be gathering at the void deck with our paper lanterns and boxes of colourful candles. We would start arranging the candles in shapes, emulating what we see in NDP just a month or so ago. It was always fun to see who has the nicest formations.

After a while, mom and dad will bring some mooncakes to us and some chinese tea. Homemade mooncakes at that. Then we will eat, and continue to spend the rest of the night away. At the end of it all, the candle session will end up into our made believe BBQ session where we will burn leaves and create a helluva mess. But it was always fun.

Then a few years later, we all grew up. And we stopped playing lanterns and candles. We stopped hanging out together even. We had our own obligations, and my sisters always had friends to hang out with during public holidays and weekends.

There was a year where I played candles all by myself. And it was no fun.

I stopped eventually when I reached adolescence. I started to think this was all crap and it was not fun at all. I hated everything in life. I was a rebel. I even hated myself and just cooped myself up in my room.

It never did change. Up till when I was in Uni, I was still very much alienated from my family. I felt they didn't understand me, and that they were just all about themselves. We never had family reunions, and I avoided them if there were any - quoting reasons from fatigue to examinations.

Recently, the idea of family sprung back into the back of all our heads again. These few years, we always have gatherings which we all casted all our things aside for. We are once again one big happy family.

This year, we would be having a family dinner again.

STAR HIGHLIGHTS - Beautiful Bali